About Toyio

Toyio is a platform made to showcase the creation for designer and bespoke toys. By designing from a rich, thriving culture and diverse population, Bahrain & the Middle East is filled with potential. The inspiration behind Toyio's toys comes from observation of life in the Gulf. Scenes from the day to day life are transformed into something imaginative, unique and relatable.
Our design philosophy is to create toys that are at once playful and sophisticated. The creation of our toys are meant to be imaginative reflections and unorthodox representations of the mundane and everyday. Through different techniques and methodologies, the toys are created for all to enjoy!
From the initial 2D concept all the way to 3D and handmade production, our specialized team takes pride in the creation of original, bespoke toys. Through a refined process, we create a distinct outcome that is both well –designed and meets the necessary criteria for each product.