Our Services

Toy Creation

Our main goal is to spread the fun, and we do that the best way we know how. By making toys! That is what we will continue to do while exploring different design options and potential places to deliver the best toy to you! Keep an eye out for or growing collections and limited toys!

Bespoke Toy Commission

Do you have a certain idea in mind and want to see it come to life? We got you! With our design expertise we are more than capable and willing to aid in seeing your toy-vision come to life! Reach out to us for pricing and details through our contact page. Let’s make it happen!

Mascot Creation

If your’e a company and are looking for a fun new identity. Look no further! At Toyio we are more than happy to assist with creating a mascot for your company or brand that can also be made into toys for gifts or to keep spirits high!

Character Concept Design

Maybe making a toy is too much commitment for you. That’s fine and we understand! Consulting in character creation is a service that we gladly offer, whether is it only in 2D or a full-on final product, we are here and ready to help!

2D + 3D Prototyping

Do you have your own design that you need help with? Or maybe youre stuck trying to figure out how to even make your ideas into a tangible outcome? Worry not! With out skill and expertise we are able to consult and find the best way to produce your ideas in the way that suits you most! The toys come first!